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I’m Lee Trebotich, Natty the Adventurer, and welcome to my website! I’ve created this repository for education and blogging regarding backcountry travel, mountaineering, techniques, skills, gear, edible plants, and many other things related to adventure. Thank you so much for stopping by — I hope this is helpful to you. Contact me with any feedback or suggestions for future topics.

I’m an advanced mountaineer, with previous expeditions to Mt. Ranier and Mt. Hood — with plans to summit Denali in 2020! My passion includes educating fellow adventurers on edible and medicinal plants, and how to identify those plants in the wilderness. I’m a backpacker focused on environmental stewardship and educating the next generation. In the past, I’ve been a scholarship NCAA basketball player, a teacher, and a hydrologist/riparian biologist. I currently service as an ambassador for a number of brands, including Appalachian Gear Company, Konaleashes, and Everbar. I also host and teach my own herbal courses, including : Introduction to Edible and Medicinal Plants, Backyard Edibles, Medicine-making 101, and Basic Herb Gathering and Storing.

My certifications currently include: Wilderness First Aid - Longleaf Wilderness; Adult and pediatric CPR/AED - American Red Cross; Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks - Bear Identification Course; Glacier and crevasse rescue (RMI); PADI - Open Water Scuba; and NOLS - Wilderness First Responder.


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